We were the closest family possible. Our world was turned upside down on 05/03/09 when my best friend, the person I love most next only to our children, my sister Trina was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. Her body gave out on her on 01/09/10 but she will ALWAYS be a part of our daily life and will continue to be in my posts. I started my blog to chronicle our daughter's international adoption from Guatemala and have continued to use it as a journal.

What you will find is my family trying to adapt to our new lives that were handed to us.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Spokane Trip Details

We had a GREAT time!! But first off, I came home to the sweetest thing, THREE messages from three amazing people. Andrea, my cousin Angela from California and my bestest friend Amanda. I felt so loved, when I finally got around to checking the voicemail, about 7 hours after we got home! Just to recap, we flew Saturday morning to Spokane as my cousin Vicente (from my dad's side of the family) graduated from Gonzaga and there was a party Sunday night.

Asa and mom, Friday afternoon, just before they left. Mom, papa, sissy and Asa drove up together Friday. Mom, papa and Asa all wore matching shirts. Too cute!

Saturday, at the nursing home that Grandma is in. We were in the "family visiting room" which has a kitchen, dining room and sitting area. We had Taco Bell for lunch there.

The sitting area. Sissy is standing next to grandma.

Mom and Grandma. For as long as I can remember, mom has always gotten Grandma a corsage for Mothers Day. This year was no exception.

Asa was soooo good at the nursing home. Hell, even I was getting bored, but Asa just "read" his comics and played.

Trina, Grandma and mom

Me and Grandma. I remembered my rosary! You can see that I'm wearing it! Seeing Grandma was a lot harder than I was expecting. She was having a pretty good day. She was pretty lucid and had only moments where she was really out of it, but overall she was good. She's soo skinny though, she won't eat. This was probably the last time I'll ever see Grandma.

Asa having fun sitting on top of the countertop.

The nursing home is in Cheney, WA, and this was the drive from Cheney to our hotel near the Spokane airport.

The weather was just beautiful Saturday!

And the scenery in that area wasn't bad either.

Pulling into our hotel

Asa found a cozy nook that he liked.

"hmmm...... what's this?"

"no pictures? Forget that!"

Saturday evening, my cousin Erik, his wife Sonia and their two kids, Brooklyn and Rilee came to visit. We had such a fun time! Their youngest, Rilee, is about 7 weeks older than Valentina. Norm and I loved holding her, imagining what it will be like when we finally get to hold Valentina for the first time!

Erik holding Rilee. I grew up with Erik, he's more like a little brother to me than a cousin even though we haven't seen each other in about 4 years. It still blows me away that he's married and father of 2 adorable girls!

Rilee has the bluest eyes!

Erik and Brooklyn on the bed, eating chocolate chip cookies. Asa had soooo much fun playing with his prima Brooklyn!

The two of them were cracking us up!

Sonia wrote about a really funny incident involving Asa and Brooklyn on her blog.

Sunday afternoon, heading into downtown Spokane for lunch after the graduation.

The city of Spokane.

Yeah, not sure this is the best advertising!

This sign cracked me up!!!! "what do you want for dinner tonight honey?" "oh, I know, lets got to Asian Restaurant!" We also saw a pub called "Our Pub". I didn't get a photo of that.

We got to the restaurant early and Asa was sleeping so Sissy, Asa, Norm and I waited in the car for about 30 minutes. We were parked in front of this place and I kid you not, I think it was a requirement to have a scooter if you wanted to live there. Everyone who either entered or left the place was on a freakin' scooter!!! Sissy and I said it was the Spokane version of Boca Raton, FL!

Azteca, where we had lunch at with about 30 people. Afterwards, we had some time to kill so we all went back to our suite where we had a "bar" set up from the liquor store run we had done when we got into town.

My cousin Mark and his wife Amber. I hadn't seen Mark since I graduated high school back in 1993!!! Mark and his sister Mady were the two other people who wrote letters detailing what our futures would hold. Of course I forgot to bring Mark his but we laughed about it anyway!

My second cousin, AnnaMarie, and me. AnnaMarie is Vicente's sister.

Me and my cousin Shelly. Shelly is Vicente and AnnaMarie's mom. Shelly used to babysit me way back when and she was also so sweet to me and treated me like a grown up. I always looked up to her and she will always have a special place in my heart. I love Shelly! She's also one of the kindest, sweetest people you could ever meet!

Norm and me at the party. We'd been drinking for a few hours by this point so I look like crap. Oh, and my dress? Yeah, not really made for someone with boobs bigger than an A cup.

Sissy, Mom and Mark. We all kept saying "Alcohol makes everything more fun!" so they are holding up their drinks. I know you won't believe me, but we don't drink that much!!! Honest!

The yummy cake!!! Asa was so patient waiting for it.

Vicente, the honoree, and AnnaMarie.

Asa playing with his cars

Finally! Cake time for Asa!!!!

Big bite!

Mister blue mouth!

Sissy and Mark

Asa reading his comic books..... again!

We were playing muscial chairs towards the end of the party and Shelly was really getting into it!

And since mom says I never post bad pictures of myself, here is proof that the dress doesn't look so good on someone bigger than a size 2! Or maybe it's just me that it didn't look great on.


Soltana said...

A--I love that dress!!! Where did you get it from again..I could use it for a wedding I'm working this weekend...
C- You and Norm are just tooo cute together!!

Looks like you guys had alot of fun..oh yeah LOVE the pic of Asa resting in the dresser!!! SOOOO CUTE!!!

Kerry said...

You looked beautiful.

I recognized all the "scenery" pictures. My stepmom used to work at EWA in Cheney. I knew right where all the downtown pics were too. I love Spokane. Now I want to go visit.

Kerry said...

I meant EWU...oops.

Lou said...

You just hush right now! You were beautiful in your dress....FABULOUS! Looks like you guys had a great time.

Natalie said...

I agree...you look beautiful!

The pics of you with your grandma are precious...just melts my heart.

JOY said...

I feel like I was right there with you all when I read this post.

You looked beautiful Cameo - the dress is stunning just like you were. I always say the best way to look good in an outfit is to "SMILE" and then anything looks great and you were certainly smiling.

You all seem to be having a ball. How wonderful that you all got to spend time with your lovely Grandma and got some wonderful snaps that you will always treasure.

Asa is so cute - I think he just gets cuter every time I see him in a picture.

Nice to have you back in the land of blogville - I missed you and am pleased you all had a wonderful trip.

No doubt you will be organising the next one now with precision.