We were the closest family possible. Our world was turned upside down on 05/03/09 when my best friend, the person I love most next only to our children, my sister Trina was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. Her body gave out on her on 01/09/10 but she will ALWAYS be a part of our daily life and will continue to be in my posts. I started my blog to chronicle our daughter's international adoption from Guatemala and have continued to use it as a journal.

What you will find is my family trying to adapt to our new lives that were handed to us.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Asa's Birthday Post

Saturday morning, on Asa's birthday, we (Beya, Papa, sissy, Asa, Valentina, Norm and I) had lunch at one of Asa's favorite restaurants; Shari's. I know, I know, Shari's??? Andrea I know this has especially you scratching your head (I'll never forget that breakfast, if it can be called so), it did us too, but it has become a Monday morning tradition that Trina, Josh and Asa have breakfast at Shari's so Asa has come to love it.

I love this pic. Also please note that since Asa was wearing red, white and blue I had to color coordinate Valentina.

Okay, this is a shitty pic of me but I love how Norm just looks so surprised in it! It makes me laugh. Talk about deer caught in headlights!

Asa got a free sundae since it was his birthday.

Now comes the real story. Asa had decided on an odd theme for his birthday party which was held on Sunday; half army and half soccer. I found this black food coloring at the store and thought "great! I can make soccer cupcakes for his birthday!" Here they are on the front of the box. Easy peasy, right? Sissy was making his cake (that story will follow) but she let me do cupcakes as a take home gift for the kids. Saturday evening I started to decorate the cupcakes.

Hmmm...... something isn't quite right here. They don't look like the ones on the box. The directions said to put 7 dots of food coloring and then drag a toothpick through to connect the dots. Well, that wasn't working so I was dipping the toothpicks into black frosting and then laying them down to make the lines.

These look nothing like soccer balls and this was after two hours working on EIGHT cupcakes! And yes, I only had 8 cupcakes because I wasted the leftover batter by forgetting to stick it in the fridge when we left for Shari's so I only had a dozen cupcakes to begin with. Minus the ones the kids ate when they first came out of the oven I was left with eight to work with.

After rounding up every fucking soccer ball in the house and studying them, I decided to try something different on the last cupcake. If you squint, this looks like a real soccer ball. At the very least it was much better than the other ones and this was my last cupcake. But now I was out of frosting! What to do? I headed to grocery store, of course!

Well I'd be damned if there wasn't a tube of black decorating gel that showed exactly how to make them.

Time to put Valentina to bed and start all over.

Finally. Done. It was about 10 pm. And they still looked like shit but shit that looked a little more like a soccer ball.

PARTY DAY!!!! Sunday, September 27th. The dining room table was decorated with soccer theme, but there was an army balloon hanging overhead.

His pinata.

The only picture I got of Asa and Valentina hugging that day.

Playing with his cousins before everyone else got there.

Asa's present from his mum and dad. He has been wanting these shoes for a while now. They look like police cars and light up.

Taking a drive before the rest of the kids got there.

Ooops! Valentina is just like her mom, very clumsy.

The food. Six yummy pizzas!

And a veggie tray. Sissy did a great job with the food and the whole party.

There goes Little Miss Uncoordinated again!

Asa playing with his friends that he was so happy to see.

The weather was warm, about 80 in the sun, but Asa insisted on wearing the army coat he had received.

Here Valentina was asking me if she could take off her shoes. I told her no because I didn't want her to get slivers.

Look who won that round!!!

Asa opening presents.

My grandma would always give me a small present on Trina's birthday and vice versa so the other one didn't feel left out. I love how we've kept this tradition going. Sissy gave Valentina her very own Word Whammer. Norm and I got her a couple of Toy Story figures......

..... but the thing that made her the happiest? Her very own bag of cotton balls!!!! She has slowly pilfered "candon balls" from my bag in the bathroom and she loved them so much so I told Norm I was giving her a bag of them for Asa's birthday. He thought I was a complete moron for doing it but yes, that was her favorite gift!

Asa's cake.

Oh, the tale of Asa's cake. This is the one he got, obviously.

A few weeks ago while we were shopping for the party items, Asa and sissy found this cake pan that you could decorate to look like a soccer ball, baseball or another ball (I can't remember). So Saturday night sissy made the cake. Sunday morning she called me and said the cake didn't work out, she had spent a long time decorating it but the frosting just slid off the cake and the cake itself wasn't big enough. She was so frustrated so I told her I'd go pick up whatever she wanted. One of the few things Asa had asked for was a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I went over to help decorate the house and sissy asked me to run to Safeway to pick up the cake she had just ordered. It turned out they had one chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate filling. PERFECT!!! She asked them to write Happy Birthday Asa on it and off I went to pick it up. I got to the bakery section and the chick there mentioned to me "oh, by the way, it has raspberry filling." WTF??? I called Trina and after a short conversation with her and realizing that was the only chocolate cake they had, it would have to do. I told her to call another store but she said no, she'd be fine with it and just scrape out the filling from Asa's piece. Now we both realized this was extremely short notice but Bakery Bitch had assured sissy on the phone that yes, they had exactly what she needed. Off I go with the cake in my cart to pick up a few other things when my phone rings. It's Trina. She was still pissed about the filling and how nonchalant Bakery Bitch was about screwing up. Trina wanted to talk to her so I went back to the bakery section. Now keep in mind, this is about an hour before the party is supposed to start. I get to Bakery Bitch, told her my sister wasn't happy, called Trina and handed the phone over to Bakery Bitch. Again, Bakery Bitch was just very offhanded with "well, that's all we have." They did have a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream filling and vanilla frosting. Trina said to take that one because at least it didn't have a fruit filling. Fine. Bakery Bitch took it back to write on it. After she gets halfway done with the lettering, she realizes she is out of frosting!!!! But of course this isn't her fault, oh no, it's because "the real decorators are supposed to leave full bags of frosting, not ones that are almost empty". Uh, I saw her go through the icing bags and there were at least 10 of them that were full. So Bakery Bitch is scraping off the writing (serious visions of Cake Wrecks were running through my mind at this point) when I called Trina and said this cake was even worse. As you can see, Asa got the chocolate cake with raspberry filling. I don't think he even noticed the fruit filling.

Birthday boy enjoying the triple choices of ice cream.

This was our gift to Asa. Well, Beya, sissy and I all went in together to get Asa these big soccer goal nets. He loved them.

What could make Valentina this happy? Besides cotton balls.......

..... the Toy Story figurines we gave her.

Pinata time!

Somehow, somewhere along the way Asa, for some reason, changed into his Star Wars costume which is what he had received last year from Auntie Lori. As you can see, he still loves it.

Here is the rush for the candy!

I love this picture. Sissy is on her hands and knees, almost pushing the kids out of the way, to make sure her Vali got enough candy. There is something about TT's and their nieces!

All of the kids (I think) got little plastic harmonica's from the pinata. Valentina loved hers even though it doesn't work.
And that was Asa's birthday party! Thanks to Aunt Jeanie for kicking me in the ass to get this post finished :) I've been working on it for a few days.

Tuesday (I think) we went to lunch at Olive Garden. You know the end of the meal where the server gives you those mints? Well, Valentina grabbed most of them and headed off to the corner to eat as many as she could before it was discovered that she had swiped them!

And this was Wednesday. Or Thursday. Again, I can't keep my days straight. I had to run to the bank so I left the kids with Papa. When I came back 5 minutes later this is what I came home to. All three kids were on the couch watching tv. I thought it was the cutest thing ever!
I have only a few things left to add. First off, Valentina has taken to calling Asa, Asa Boy. If she finds something around the house that he left behind she will come running to me with the item and yell "UH OH ASA BOY!!!" Or when she sees him, "HI ASA BOY!" I think that came from when she was learning the difference between boys and girls and I would ask her what she was and what Asa was. Anyway, I think it's so cute. And what I'm ending this post with is something I've been saying to Asa ever since he was born. It would always make him laugh, even if he was so upset and mad, I would tell him that and he would crack up. I wrote it in his card and he got really embarrassed because sissy read it out loud in front of everyone but he still laughed.
Happy Birthday Post Asa Boy!!!! You are my most special boy and I love you so much! If it weren't for you, Uncle Norm and I wouldn't have had Valentina. You are the smartest, wisest five year old and I promise to play Farkle with you next time you are over. And always remember this: no matter what, you'll always be my favorite nephew!!!


Krystal said...

It looks like you guys had a great party for Asa. I love all of the pics! And V is absolutely heavenly in brown :)

Alaska Family said...

Awww, Happy birthday, Asa!! We still cant get over the fact that he is already five!!! Love the pictures, and the stories, your cupcakes looked like soccer balls to us, of course, we arent "Real experts", but I think you did a great job :). Again, Happy Birthday Asa!!

Tracey said...

Happy Birthday Handsome Boy!!! Looks like a great time!!

Jaimee said...

Happy Birthday to Asa! You captured his birthday perfectly and I LOVE the soccer ball cupcakes, I think you did a fabulous job!!! XOXO!

Anonymous said...

OMG cant't believe he is 5 already. Wish you lived closer so we all could have been there love ya cousin Ang

mylene said...

Thanks for posting the pics. Happy birthday to Asa. Love your stories. God bless, mylene

Valerie said...

Happy belated Birthday Asa! I'm playing catch up today since now I can finally look at my blog. Our computer has been messed up lately.

Love all the birthday pics. My kids don't think it's a real birthday unless there is a pinata now!

Anonymous said...

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