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What you will find is my family trying to adapt to our new lives that were handed to us.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Birthday Pictures

This is what Valentina wore for her birthday party on Sunday. NOT AT ALL WHAT I HAD PICKED OUT FOR HER!!!! I had planned on her wearing this really pretty, delicate white shirt with a pink tulle bow sewed onto it with matching pink pants. I remember buying it when I did her winter clothes shopping probably around September. Mom and sissy found it and kept saying how cute it was and how I needed to buy it for Valentina, how pretty she would look in it. I was paying about $4-6 per shirt and no more than $8 for pants for her winter wardrobe. That outfit? The pretty outfit that mom and sissy made me buy? It was obscene. I paid something like $45 for it. I know that's not a lot for most people but considering I could have bought 4 outfits for that amount, well, yeah, it was expensive for me. But I bought it. It is still hanging in her closet.... unworn. I showed it to her Sunday morning, all excited to get her dressed and my 3 year old said "hmmm..... no, it's too scratchy." She has an excuse for everything. I could hear sissy telling me "just make her wear it! Just make her!" and I know damn well that sissy COULD have made Valentina wear it. But instead Valentina wore one of her old Christmas outfits from 2008.
This was our present to her, a bike. We made the mistake of giving it to Valentina AFTER mom had given her gift of a small bag of makeup. Yeah, she much preferred the makeup!
I made cupcakes.
Asa had a great time with his friend Brody. They are about six weeks apart and both love Star Wars. You can see Valentina supervising.
Valentina in her sea of birthday presents. PINK birthday presents!
I was going to steal an idea of sissy's from birthdays past and have the kids decorate a sugar cookie but I got lazy and already had some plain cupcakes that I hadn't frosted so instead they got to go to town on each of their cupcakes.

So that was Valentina's third birthday party. Every time I think of it my mind flashes to two. Two birthdays were all sissy got with her Vali. Two are not nearly enough.



What would a party be without your fabulous baking! Luscious pink cupcakes! Yummy!

Even more luscious is the beautiful Valentina, so hard to believe she's now 3 years old. She looks so old!

No more donkey or shrek? :(

Love the close up of Asa eating cupcakes, what a sweetheart!

You were on my mind today Cameo, did you get any of my telepathic messages?


The Vuki Family said...

A job well done! Kids are so dang easy to please! Good job!

Patti B. said...

Good Lord those are beautiful kids :) Looks like Valentina had a wonderful birthday party - great job, I know it was difficult at times. But you did it! :) Valentina and Asa both look like they really enjoyed themselves!
Hope you have a nice weekend...

Holly G. said...

I definitely would have eaten a couple of those cupcakes. Icing GALORE! V looks like a little school girl.

Laurie said...

Oh so fun! Brody is already asking when we can get together again. Let's not wait for another birthday party. Beautiful day for a beautiful girl ;)

wy-not said...

Cameo, your daughter is a little beauty no matter what she chooses to wear. Funny how early their taste asserts itself! I love that little skirt - very cute. Maybe we'll get to see pix of her in the pricey pink outfit sometime before she grows out of it, maybe she'd wear it for a photo op.

You and the grown-ups around you deserve a big pat on the back for making such a day of celebration for those beautiful kids.

And no, two was certainly not enough. But I believe she was there with you for #3 as well. Watching, guiding, laughing.

BTW, your country is kicking some serious Olympic butt. Way to go.


Kathy said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Valentina! Three years old already, oh my gosh they grow so fast! She is so darn cute - what a little sweetie! I bet you and your family are all so very happy and proud to have that sweetheart in your lives.

I so went through that when my boys were little (well actually even when they got bigger) them never, ever wanting to wear what I wanted them to wear. The sweet little darlings definitely know what they want! Wait until she's a teen! :)

Thank you for sharing Valentina's Birthday pictures. I really enjoyed looking at them all. I must also add that Asa's pretty darn cute too!

Love and hugs to you all,