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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Panic

I've been doing an advent calendar for the kids ever since Mom gave me this beautiful one that looks like a house with little boxes numbered 1-25 that I had been lusting after. The gifts vary from a quarter, $1, stickers, a treasure hunt leading to a coloring book in the bathtub, etc... Asa and Valentina get so excited about it and start asking around October when they can do "the house" again.

This year I got Asa the Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar! Norm was more excited about it than I was, I thought Asa might be pissed that he didn't get to open a box in the house. I covertly asked him if he would like the Star Wars version and he loved the idea. Needless to say that's all I needed.

Found. Bought. Done.


Oh what to do for Valentina? Norm suggested that we do the regular Lego Advent Calendar since both kids like legos and Valentina might feel slighted if Asa got Lego's every night and she didn't. Again I played secret agent to get her opinion on if she would like a generic Lego piece every night. She scrunched up her face and answered that 4 going on 13 way, "uh, NO!"

Great. So I researched advent calendars on amazon.com. I found a Polly Pocket and Hello Kitty. I showed them both to her and she loved the Polly Pocket. I meant to order it but yesterday I found myself needing something for her (we're starting it early for many reasons) and I had jackshit. Oh, and the stores don't carry any other kids advent calendars except for Star Wars.

BUT, I did find these ADORABLE Hello Kitty lego sets! I fell in love with them. You can collect a whole city and they have a cruise ship, a house, a flower stand, etc... I bought a couple small things along with a big house to give to her for Hanukkah and was so excited to start last night!

I pulled out the Star Wars calendar and Asa was out of his mind with happiness with it. I had managed to open one of Valentina's Hello Kitty sets and crammed the items into one the house's box.

Valentina pulled open the drawer.

I was preparing for her usual scream of delight and thought I might even get her ecstatic jumping up and down.

Valentina loves everything and she's very easy to buy for.

She opened the box.

There was no smile. There was no jumping up and down. There was no squeal of delight.

There was only "mom, I TOLD you I wanted the other one! I wanted the one with the girl!" She meant the Polly Pocket.

I felt as deflated as the white bird on Angry Birds after it drops its egg on the target.

I had decided to let the kids have two gifts. Great. TWO times the disappointment for Valentina and twice the feeling of failure for me.

After she opened the second gift, which was another mini Hello Kitty lego set, she kind of warmed up to it. In fact Beya had bought her one like it a while ago so she went and got that one and played with all three. She loves having a collection of anything. She will gather leaves, rocks, anything and call them her collection. Whew! Crisis averted and I began to feel a little less like I had just let her down in the worst way.

Today mom and I hit Target as the Star Wars lego set Asa wants for Christmas was on sale. I looked at the Hello Kitty lego sets again and fell in love with all of them. I even found some bigger sets that I could take some pieces out and spread them out for a few nights. I also picked up a "collection" of about 12-15 small Hello Kitty figures and was so happy with them. I also bought her the Strawberry Shortcake remote control car that had caused her the meltdown a few weeks ago. It resulted in Valentina clinging to Beya's leg and not letting go even as Beya walked down a whole aisle. Valentina basically swept 25 feet of our local Walmart.

But today I finished buying all the Christmas and Hanukkah presents! Shopping for the kids is complete!

After I picked up Valentina from Grama's she immediately started talking about "the house", asking me to make it a treasure hunt and wondering aloud what she was going to get. Asa, of course, had opened his daily mini set immediately after he got home from school.

"I can't wait to see what I get tonight!" Valentina squealed.

"Would you like it to be another Hello Kitty lego set?" I asked.

"No, I want something else. I wonder what new thing I'll get tonight!"

Again I was left feeling defeated. Why hadn't I learned my lesson and not bought her yet another Hello Kit set? Why, why, why? Mom was cracking up in the passenger seat. Great. Thanks for the support Beya.

"Wouldn't you like a whole Hello Kitty city? A Hello Kitty house?" I begged.

"YES! I want a whole town! I want a house! I want all of that! Do I get that tonight? Do I get a house? I want a town!" Valentina squealed.

FINALLY!!!! The reaction I was looking for! I explained to Valentina that she can't get her whole collection at once, that's the whole point of getting a collection, to get one small thing at a time until you finally have the whole set. We got home and I gave Valentina her new Hello Kitty lego set and she was very happy with it. In fact it even fit in her Hello Kitty tin container that she already had.


I finally managed to get Valentina on board with the Hello Kitty theme Christmas I went with.

Christmas panic has finally turned into Christmas calm.

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