We were the closest family possible. Our world was turned upside down on 05/03/09 when my best friend, the person I love most next only to our children, my sister Trina was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. Her body gave out on her on 01/09/10 but she will ALWAYS be a part of our daily life and will continue to be in my posts. I started my blog to chronicle our daughter's international adoption from Guatemala and have continued to use it as a journal.

What you will find is my family trying to adapt to our new lives that were handed to us.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

So Angry

I have discovered the anger and obsession of "Angry Birds." I used to make fun of Norm for playing it. This has surpassed my obsession of "Rummikub" on Facebook.

Anything (and I mean anything) to obsess over to try to keep from thinking that the holidays are here.

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