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Friday, December 09, 2011

Therapy Hilarity

I've had this blog post all written out in my head since Monday but I'm glad I didn't actually write it until today.

First off, today sucks. The 9th sucks. December sucks. 23 months sucks. Everything sucks.

That said, something so damn funny happened while mom and I were waiting in the therapists waiting room Monday. Yes, Beya is coming to therapy with me and I think she gets more out of it than I do. However it is fun to be able to be the one who says "oh, you don't listen to me when I say that but you listen when Dr. B says the exact same thing!"

Anyway, mom and I were waiting and there was a dude talking to the receptionist. It's a very small room as the place is an old house and there are about 6 therapists working out of it. The entire waiting room is about the size of my small dining area. I'm only explaining this because that is why I was able to hear the guy discuss his insurance information with the receptionist. Their conversation went something like this:

Receptionist - Well, Dr. X is considered a third tier on your insurance.

Dude - What does that mean?

Receptionist - The insurance company will cover third tier but you have a very high deductible, $2500, that you need to meet before they will start paying.

Dude - Okay. Then what do I owe for today?

Receptionist - The initial visit is $185.

Dude - I left my checkbook in the car. Let me go get it.

Mom and I watched the guy walk out the front door when I told mom "that guy's getting in his car and going home! Vrrrroooommmm!!!!! That's what I'd do! 'oh, I left my checkbook in my car' You'd be able to hear me pealing out!" Mom and I were laughing so hard that it was very difficult to get it under control when unbelievably the dude came walking back up the front stairs WITH his checkbook. After he paid I turned to mom and said "boy, he's more honest than I am!" This again set us off into a fit of giggles. We couldn't understand why the receptionist wasn't laughing with us. We also didn't understand why Dr. B kept looking at us after we told him the story with a bewildered look on his face, waiting for the funny part. Maybe mom and I found it so funny because that's something I actually did once, only it was a job. It was my first day and when I left for lunch I never went back.

I thought that was the funniest part of the week.

Until yesterday.

I must explain a few things first.

Papa talks. A lot. Sometimes to himself, sometimes to us, sometimes he thinks he's talking to me but I'm not listening. It is not uncommon to be in the living room and hear him talking in the family room while no one else is in there. He can also be sitting down, I'll look over, see his lips moving and know he's having a conversation in his head. Another thing papa does is tell us half stories. He's a news junkie and knows everything that's going on in the world. He literally watches at least 3 hours of news a day. BUT he'll tell us "I heard about that guy, that one that plays sports, something happened to him." Mom or I will follow up with "well, what happened?" and papa's reply is "well, I don't know but I saw that something happened to him, I didn't hear what. Do you know what happened to him?" It drives us crazy! He'll bring up a story but not know "the rest of the story" (my homage to Paul Harvey) and expects us to fill him in on it.

I heard papa doing his usual news half story with mom yesterday and decided to give papa a taste of his own medicine. I was so pleased with my idea I couldn't wait to do it! I came out to the living room, winked at mom and had the following conversation with papa:

me - Papa, did you hear that thing?

Papa - what thing?

me - On the news.

Papa - what happened?

me - Something happened to that guy. On the news.

Papa - Oh yeah! I heard that guy on the news and how he......

Papa actually launched into a story that he had heard on the news. I couldn't believe it. CURSES!!! I was foiled again! Papa went on to talk for another 5 minutes telling me about a real story that I hadn't even talked about. Mom and I were laughing so hard tears were streaming down our faces and of course papa didn't notice because he was busy telling him this story about the guy who did something.

And I thought I was so smart.

Epic fail.

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