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What you will find is my family trying to adapt to our new lives that were handed to us.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Asa's Birthday(s)

Asa's birthday morning, Wednesday, September 26, Asa woke up to find the dining room table littered with presents and his giant pinata. 

My (almost) 8 year old boy was so happy! It was about 7:30 am and he wasn't born until 8:56 am.

Opening his presents. I didn't want to get him something Nerf (his requested party theme) or Star Wars (which he has tons of) or Legos (too many to count). So instead I got him some Lego organizers.

Later that day we went to lunch at Red Robin, Asa's pick. We went with Beya (Papa was working), Grama, Grampa, Joshua (as you can see) and Grandma Dee. Grandma Dee is Norm's grandma who just moved up here from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She adores Asa and was so happy to be here for Asa's birthday.

Oh yeah, Dad got Asa an AWESOME present!!!

A Squishable.

As stated before, Asa requested a Nerf theme. How the hell was I going to do that? I did some research and found quite a few Nerf birthday party ideas. I stole this idea from Pinterest. I also had to follow the cardinal cake rule of not putting anything that isn't edible on a cake. What to make the bullets out of? How the hell do I make edible bullets? I didn't want to make marzipan because I wanted it to be something that people could actually eat and let's face it, who wants a big 'ol stick of marzipan? I finally figured out that I would use Pirolene cookies but how to make them orange? What to do, what to do. I could roll them in fondant. Or even better, dip them in white chocolate that I colored orange! Bingo! And then use a marshmallow as a tip! While I was at the party store I discovered ORANGE melting candies! Even better! But then how do I dip them in the melted candy? I can't exactly roll it around, that would make it come off. My crafty brain figured out to pour the melted orange candy into a pastry bag and then dip the cookies in THAT! I was so thrilled with myself I had to text out pictures and explanations to a few good friends. In fact I may or may not have said aloud "I am so good I scare myself!" (ok, I so totally said that even though I was all by myself). 

No party is complete without cupcakes. Yes, the cake came out of a box and the frosting came out of a can. My infamous use of pre-packaged food has earned me the nickname "Caneo". I cannot argue with the truth  :)

Finally, the day of Asa's party. He was so excited! We had over about half of his soccer team since those are the boys he hangs out with more than anyone. They say they are brothers. I'm very fortunate in that all of the kids have been together for a few years and I actually get along with the parents. 

 Asa was so happy to have his "brothers" over.

Oh yeah, there was a Nerf gun war!

You can kind of see in the background the targets I made out of poster board.

I think Valentina was just as excited for Asa's party. She had been saying all week "Only 5 more days until my brothers party!", "only 4 more days until my brothers party!" etc.....

It's official after you blow out EIGHT candles. 

Happy birthday my dear Asa boy!


Anonymous said...
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Jen said...

Wow Cameo! The party came together amazingly!! Everything looks perfect. His face tells it all. I love that above all, and I'm sure you do too.

My gosh, you left me hanging after I asked the extra details of how you did the bullets. I have been wondering ever since. Now I know, but I still don't really know, you know. Because I am still left wondering how you grabbed those suckers out of the pastry bag, where you put them to dry, how you laid them down where they didn't all get a flat ass side on them, how you made them all look round, is the flat side on the inside of the cake, all these things you had to think of.

I am TOTALLY IMPRESSED!!! You worked magic on that sucker and you are right, you are so good...you should scare yourself. Or as Ron Burgundy would say, "I'm kind of a big deal!"

Everything was perfect, perfect, perfect, with a little more perfect sprinkled on top...well I guess I should say...as perfect as it could be. But in light of your last post...I'm sure the whole day cast a shadow of wonder.

All my love to you girl!


LLP said...

You realize that V was only excited because that meant BOYS were coming over.... right??? :0) Love you!

Anonymous said...

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