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Monday, July 22, 2013

Sunriver Resort Circle 4 Ranch Cabin 34

We recently stayed at Sunriver Resort. We had a lovely time! The wonderful woman who made the reservation gave us Ranch Cabin 34 at Circle 4. Of course I did an insane amount of research to find out what kind of cabin it was. It looked good but I wanted to post some pictures and give a more detailed look at it for anyone who is considering staying in a Ranch Cabin at Sunriver. I HIGHLY recommend it!!!!

This was our cabin, very picturesque. I mean what do you say to this when you pull up in front of it? I loved the tree in the front, it gave us just that little extra privacy. I was amazed at how much privacy you do get considering there are multiple cabins clustered together. I can honestly say, however, that we never once felt as if we were too close to our neighbor or there was too much noise. It was really very quiet and peaceful. 

The front door is actually on the side of the cabin. This is part of the wraparound porch that is just lovely. As you can see there is plenty of firewood for when you stay in the winter. 

This is the front door to the right. 

The front "outer" door. 

As you can see there is a decent sized entryway with a bench and hooks for both swimsuits and snowsuits to hang up. There is another "inner" front door that separates this entry room area from the hallway.  

This is the view from the entryway/inner front door, a hallway with beautiful wood work. 

When you walk into the hallway this is the first door on the left, one of the three bedrooms. This one had a queen bed. Note the window that lets light stream through but the trees block anyone from looking in.

Plenty of storage in this bedroom from both the closet.....

......and the dresser.

Down the hallway, past the bedroom door there is a closet with a nice, new washer and dryer. I've never been so excited to do laundry in my life! It was wonderful to be able to wash our clothes before we left and come home with a suitcase full of CLEAN clothes instead of dirty ones! They even had several laundry gel packs in the closet since I didn't think to pack any. Just one of the many ways that I will show how Sunriver thinks of everything.

Back out in the hallway, past the washer/dryer closet, to the left is the door to the "kids" bedroom. Two sets of bunkbeds, dresser, closet and desk. 

At the end of the hallway was the main bathroom. It was quite big and spacious. 

The angle is off on this because I was trying to not get myself in the picture. You can see the new vanity and rubbed oil bronze faucet and towel rods. There is also a window high enough above the toilet that it gives you total privacy but lets in light. I know I sound like a broken record but given how many windows there are in the cabin you still feel very private. 

Okay, back at the front entry door and instead of walking straight down the hall and seeing all of the above, you turn right into the living area. Note the photo on the left wall. 

This is how the cabin looks in winter. I would LOVE to come back after a snowfall! 

I took this photo standing in front of the sliding door. You can see the inner front door just behind where the stairs are. This is a better way of seeing the living area. There is a TV and DVD player in the black cabinet. There are also two drawers under the TV that are full of board games. 

The cabin appears to have recently gone through a thorough upgrade/renovation. 

Everything was so comfy and cozy yet very spacious. You can see the stack of wood behind the couch so that gives you a point of reference as to where everything is and the layout. The windows open to give you a breeze which was especially nice since the cabin does not have AC. A ceiling fan above helps to circulate the country air.

This is looking at the front of the house and the slider door. The living area is to the right of where I'm standing......

.....and to my left is the dining/kitchen. I LOVED that the kitchen was fully furnished with all new KitchenAid appliances. All of the cupboards were fully equipped with everything you could possibly need from roasting pans to a few Ziploc storage containers for any leftovers you might cook up. I personally had a ball making pancakes every morning on the gas range. There was plenty of silverware and dishes, even BIG coffee mugs instead of the mini espresso cups you usually get in hotel rooms. 

Right behind the dining table is a wonderful stone fireplace. Everything was in place for a fire including crumpled paper under the logs, all it needed was a strike from the matches that are on top of the mantle. 

I was standing in front of the slider door looking up the stairs to the master bedroom/bath and the approximately 30 foot tall ceiling. As you can see there is a small landing area halfway up the stairs where they turn 90 degrees and then continue up to the second floor. 

At the top of the stairs there is a cute little book shelf area with even more storage. This place has more storage than my own house! The door to the right was a closet with a fan and some other household items. 

The master bedroom with a queen bed. You can't see it but there is another ceiling fan. 

This is the window overlooking the living area. 

A flatscreen TV and DVD player hide in the armoire. The door leads to the bathroom. There is also a cute little window seat to the left. 

As you walk into the bathroom this is what you see when you turn right. Again, new tile work and even a hairdryer under the sink. 

To the left of the door is the shower. I left out the picture of the toilet but rest assured, there is one there. 

Peeking out the window you can see the whole living area below. I wouldn't call the master bedroom a loft because it is so private.

Back downstairs and walking out the slider door to the left is a hot tub. I know I keep saying how private everything is but this is yet another way Sunriver makes sure that even though the hot tub is on the front porch nobody would be able to see you soaking in it. 

The gas BBQ, plenty of chairs and a table sit on the front porch. 

There is a parking spot for your vehicle in front of the cabin and additional parking spots on the other side of the driveway in case there is more than one family staying in the cabin. The cabin sleeps 8 so not only is there enough room inside but they also have ample parking.

One of the best things about staying at a Circle 4 Ranch Cabin??? The pool that is just for the Circle 4 residents! For a short time one day we had the whole pool to ourselves.

We went to Sunriver Village for lunch and some shopping and stopped at the full service grocery store on site. The resort is so big and sprawling (it spans a few miles) but there is nothing they don't have. I was also pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the prices were at the market. 

Thank you again Sunriver for a wonderful stay! I look forward to a return visit and possibly staying at one of your many other resort destinations


Unknown said...

I love it! darling place.............

Unknown said...

Sunriver has a special king of formula to it......such a great family place to go. I love Black Butte also.....

Jen said...

I wish I were there cooking breakfast with you!! I love it, every bit of it. Especially the picture with the wood out the family room window!

It looks like a little cabin out of Tahoe : )

P.S. I've had this page minimized at the bottom of my screen for Dayz!!

Jen said...

By the way, that one of your mom sitting in the chair off by the bbq...I wish I had a penny for her thoughts...

that's what I was thinking anyway.

Who knows, for all I know - she could have been thinking about how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie pop center?

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